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42 of the Year’s Most Giftable Coffee-Table Books - Supersonic: The Design and Lifestyle of Concorde was featured on as one of the most giftable coffee table books this season.

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Supersonic was chosen one of the Best Art & Photography Books of the Year by the Book Review blog OMNIVORACIOUS:

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Supersonic is one of the COOL MATERIALS “Best Books You Can Give This Holiday Season”

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Fall Books Preview: 27 Top Picks from Metropolis Magazine - Supersonic: The Design and Lifestyle of Concorde was featured by Metropolic Magazine as one of their top 27 picks.



With his new book, “Supersonic,” the graphic designer @lad_design has penned a love letter of sorts to the Concorde.

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Monocle 24

Monocle’s Ben Rylan looks at how Concorde reshaped our perception of what’s possible in forward-thinking air travel.

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It's Nice That 

LA graphic designer, Lawrence Azerrad, talks us through his favourite examples of Concorde design

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This stylishly illustrated book looks back at the glamour of Concorde air travel and is as sleek and elegant as the aircraft it celebrates.

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The EconoMIST - 1843 Magazine

When Concorde was the Future- Fifty years ago, the world’s first supersonic aircraft was preparing to take its maiden flight. It would become the ultimate symbol of the jet-set lifestyle

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An interesting read for travel buffs and design aficionados alike.

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A graphic designer celebrates Concorde. Could supersonic flight make a comeback?

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Revisiting the luxury and glamour of Concorde

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It was the most famous plane in the world – a miracle jet reserved for the rich and famous which inspired, and still inspires, millions more. One of those is Lawrence Azerrad whose obsession with all things Concorde has now become a book, Supersonic, the definitive design celebration of the jet.

Madeleine Morley spoke to him about how and why Concorde captured his soul.

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Go Supersonic With This Fantastic Concorde Book

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Almost 200 pages of remarkable graphics and breathtaking storytelling, Supersonic is the perfect gift for those who are fond of anything that flies, but most especially to those that can only dream of flying on one of the world’s most iconic planes.

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Design Milk

Graphic designer Lawrence Azerrad, a native of Los Angeles, grew up drawing pictures and fighting the inferiority complex that comes with being a “normal” in the city of stars. Since then he’s designed iconic album covers like Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, won a Grammy for the Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition box set, and authored & designed a book, Supersonic, about the fabulous style of Concorde. Turns out having his head in the clouds, playing amongst the stars, is right where he belongs. Listen:

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 Lawrence Azerrad, David Pecsovitz, and Tim Daly

Lawrence Azerrad, David Pecsovitz, and Tim Daly

Thank You... We really wouldn't be here without you.
2018 Grammy Award for Best Boxed Set/Special Package

It was a journey that started well over 40 years ago, that has spanned over 13.5 billion miles, and was sparked by the imagination that reflects the best of humanity. The Golden Record attached to the Voyager space craft are the only human made objects ever to leave our Solar System. They are still traveling at about 35,000 miles per hour, and scientists at JPL are still in touch with them. The gold plated records attached to each of the two Voyager probes contain a message from our civilization to others who may find them, and to us. A message that in looking at the music of humanity, our languages, our cultures, and our natural world, we can see our ideal selves. With Ozma Records, Tim Daly and David Pescovitz, we worked to honor the legacy and vision of the original project in the book and boxed set that we created.

We are extremely honored to receive the 2018 Grammy Award for Best Boxed Set/Special Package.

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I dedicated our Grammy win to the late Chuck Berry, who we lost this year, and is immortalized forever on the Voyager Golden Record, traveling deep in interstellar space. Amanda Petrusich writes about the dedication in The New Yorker's Culture Desk:

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The Voyager Interstellar Record: seeing hope & wonder in our self

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NY Times - Music for Aliens: Campaign Aims to Reissue Carl Sagan's Golden Record

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Mean't for Space Aliens, Earthlings Get to Hear Voyager Golden Record

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Billboard: New Box Set Will Recreate the Golden Documentation of Humanity we Sent into Space

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40 Years after NASA Launched Voyager 1 and 2, it's Golden Record is Getting a Box Set

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The Wilco Towers: How 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' Redefined the Chicago Skyline

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The Design + Music Industries are BFFs -- They Just Don't Know it Yet

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