Through creativity we can embrace possibility and aspiration. By documenting and sharing our hopes, fears, and joys we directly contribute to the experience of consciousness on this tiny little planet hurtling through our solar system, in a tiny part of our galaxy, which is a tiny part of our universe.

Perhaps one of the most compelling examples of this concept lies in the original Voyager Golden Records in interstellar space. Currently traveling at 38,000 mph, Voyager 1 at 11.7 billion miles from home, Voyager 2, 9.5 billion miles. These records, provide a message from Earth to extraterrestrials who may find them.

This message is a comprehensive portrait of the best of life on Earth, through our music, art, our language, our natural world, and science. Without images of war and violence, the contents of these records serve as a representation of our ideal self.

Something we can definitely aspire to as much today, as the day they were launched, and into our future. The idea of these Golden Records and their contents have been captivating the interest of humans on Earth since their launch in 1977.


Utilizing memorabilia, photos, and assets from the original project, LAD worked intimately with OZMA records to release Voyager 1 and 2’s Golden Records to our humanity for the first time in 2017. We were thrilled and humbled our the project became a Grammy award winner for Best Boxed or Special Limited Editions Package in 2018.


- Three translucent gold 140 gram vinyl LPs in poly-lined paper sleeves

- Three heavyweight jackets, gold ink on black

- Full-color 96-page softcover book containing all images included on the original Voyager Interstellar Record, gallery of images transmitted back from the Voyager probes, and a new essay by Timothy Ferris, producer of the original golden record

- Gold foil print of Voyager Golden Record cover diagram, archival paper, 12” x 12”

- Voyager trajectories turntable slipmat, gold ink on black felt

- Full-color plastic digital download card for all audio of the Voyager Golden Record (MP3 or FLAC formats)

- Housed in a deluxe record box with pull-ribbon, gold ink on black