As in WeTransfer’s A Message From Earth online experience developed by Stink Studio, we worked to create and design a magazine that honored the legacy and vision of the original project, not replicate it. A piece that was created to reflect the appropriate reverence and awe in representing humanity to the cosmos and to ourselves.

Working closely with WeTransfer, the magazine reflects each portraits of hope, determination, and goodwill from of Illustrator Sophie Hollington, WorldwideFM DJ Giles Peterson, Deepak Chopra, Sonification Astronomer Wanda Díaz-Merced, Experimental synth band Survive, five photographers from around the world, and other notable creative contributors from around the world.

The magazine is was created in tribute to the polite words of welcome, expressions of goodwill, an embrace showing we mean no harm as reflected in the original interstellar message.

Learn More at: amessagefrom.earth