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Lawrence Azerrad looks at what we can do with determination and creativity, using the futuristic vision of the time bending Concorde airplane as a model to look back to in order to move forward.

TEDx 2017


June 28, 2017

The Voyager Interstellar Record; seeing hope & wonder in our self.
Los Angeles, CA
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Los Angeles, CA

August 8, 2019

Creative Mornings
Nashville, TN

May 16 2019

Civilization Lecture Series
Seattle Public Library

November 13, 2018
Museum of Design

Atlanta, GA

September 19, 2019 
Aerospace Bristol

Bristol, England

Debbie Millman Design Matters
Listen to the podcast here 

January 24, 2019
Tom Brokaw
NBC Nightly News

December 9, 2019
National Air & Space Museum

Washington D.C. 
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April 20 2016
(Re)Design Conference Hewitt

New York, NY

October 5, 2018
Swift Advertising

Portland, OR

August 19, 2019

Cooper Hewitt
with Debbie Millman
New York, NY
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Le Bon Marche
Supersonic Book Signing

October 4, 2018

California College of the Arts
CCA Design lecture series. Aspiration by Design: Supersonic and The Voyager Golden Record
San Francisco, CA

AIGA Minnesota Design Camp Academy

February 22, 2019
Modernism Week
Palm Springs, CA

V&A Museum
with Sebastian Conran
London, UK

August 16, 2019

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
From Concorde to Mars: Designing the Future
New York, NY

August 20, 2017

40 Years After NASA Launched Voyager 1 and 2, Its Golden Record Is Getting A Box Set
Watch here

July 27, 2017

Amazon Conflux Conference

Seattle, WA

September 2019
Rolls Royce Aerospace
Bristol, England