Currently traveling at 38,000 mph through interstellar space, the original Voyager Golden Records provide a message of peace from Earth to extraterrestrials who may find them. This message serves as a comprehensive portrait of life on Earth through our music, art, languages, natural world, and science.

The concept of these Golden Records and their contents have captivated the interest of humans since their 1977 departure from Earth. Without depictions of or references to war and violence, the contents of these records serve as a representation of our ideal self — something we can aspire to as much today as the day they were launched, and into our future.

In 2017 working in close collaboration with OZMA Records, we developed the packaging to release them here on Earth utilizing memorabilia, photos, and assets from the original records. And in 2018, we received the news: Grammy, Best Boxed or Special Edition Limited Package 2017.